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Why focus search on 39 sites?

It is not the aim of this search focused on 39 websites (judged by R. Derek Wood to be the most relevant to research on the History of Photography) to replace entirely a general search of the entire web carried out by normal search engines. However, no matter how carefully combinations of search terms are chosen when using a search engine it is also inevitable that many irrelevant results will be delivered. This present search of the most relevant sites is thus an extra - and it is hoped convenient - tool for researching the subject of the History of Photograph.

Why 39 sites?
The more sites that are added the more the search results are diluted. A survey on what was offered online with regard to the subject of the History of Photography, and experience of the internet over many years led to a list of around thirty-eight to forty-four most useful sites. As well as bearing in mind the symbolic standing of the year 1839 to the birth of Photography, 39 sites turned out to be entirely appropriate. Of course every one has their own particulars interests and this current selection will doubtless be coloured by the author's own field of the early history, the way photography began - but the intention is that it should cover the whole range of the subject. What is available online will also change over time.

A selection of 39 websites are searched: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

The ‘Photography Encyclopedia’ at is a useful resource in providing an online version of The Oxford Companion to the Photograph edited by Robin Lenman, © 2005 Oxford University Press. The structure of the website limits the full indexing of its 'Photography Encylopedia' database by other search engines and thus is not included in the Search39 group of photography sites. Instead go directly to its subject contents page at [ Encyclopedia ]

Last updated February 2009. This Search39 is due to close soon after.

Online Databases.

Note that this present ‘Search39’ resource finds in the usual way terms found on webpages indexed by the Google search engine. It will not find (any more than any other normal web-search) information within online databases. So here below are some useful databases of photographers and photographs:

Picture catalogue of National Library of Australia  Picture catalogue of the [National Library of Australia]

Photo Collections of American Memory -Library of Congress, Washington  Photograph collections of [American Memory]

Netherlands database of photographs 1839-1860  Early photographs (1839-1860) in national collections in the  [Netherlands]

Norway - NMFF database of Norwegian Photographers  Photographer database of the National Museums of  [Norway]

De Montfort University database of Photo Exhibitions in Britain 1839-1865  Roger Taylor's database of Photographic Exhibitions in  [Britain 1839-1865]

De Montfort University database of RPS exhibitions  De Montfort database of Royal Photographic Society  [exhibitions 1870-1915]

Datenbank der Bibliothek zur Photographie, Collection R. H. Krauss, in der Graphischen Sammlung der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart  Bibliography of Photographic Books: [R. H. Krauss collection]

Science and Society Picture Collections of the United Kingdom  The UK’s ‘Science & Society’ [Picture Library].

ART-Guide ( of Heidelberg University Library   Art history websites of  [Art-Guide]

Search only the site of Midley History of early Photography:

R. D. Wood's Midley History of early Photography


사진술의역사에 Midley 수색
사진술의역사에 관하여 최상인39개의웹사이트의 수색

البحث في تسع وثلاثون مواقع الانترنت التي هي أفضل لتاريخ التصوير الفوتوغرافى 
Мидли поиск по Истории Фотографии. Поиск тридцать девять сайты
которые имеют непосредственное отношение к Истории Фотографии.

Recherche de 'Midley Search 39' sur l'histoire de la Photographie.
Rechercher les 39 emplacements qui sont les meilleurs pour l'histoire de la Photographie

'Midley Search 39' forschung auf der Geschichte der Fotographie. Suche der besten
39 Aufstellungsorte, die spezifisch mit der Geschichte der Fotographie zusammenhängen.

Ricerca di 'Midley Search 39' sulla Storia di Fotographia.
Cerca i 39 luoghi che il più specificamente presentano sulla storia di fotographia

Búsqueda de 'Midley Search 39' sobre la Historia de la Fotografía.
Búsqueda de 39 sitios que se relacionen específicamente con la historia de la fotografía
y de los temas relacionados.

'Midley Search39' sobre a História da Fotografia.
Busca de 39 locais que são relacionados especificamente à História da Fotografia.

Last updated February 2009. This Search39 is due to close soon after

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